A Guide to Creating the Beautiful Family Heirloom Long Cabin Quilt

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Though this is not necessary, working with the right tools will certainly help you make a more professional quilt, but sometimes it becomes difficult with the items in the sewing basket.

All the necessary tools, cutting boards, rulers and sewing machines, they are your main tool, but the sewing machine is not necessarily the best on the market as long as it can be directly sewn.

There are some tips to achieve a successful quilting experience which make a difference in making a simple blanket or a wonderful family heirloom long cabin quilt, which will save your time and money and will save you from the frustration.

  • With the right tools, such as rotary tools and cutting boards, you can cut precise steel bars and precise parts. Unless you are good, using scissors may be difficult. In addition, scissors tend to be quickly passivized, while blunts can replace the blades with cheap replacement blades when the rotating blade is passiv So, keeping your sewing scissors and subtle work they are most useful.
  • Also, diagonals for design and calibration, cutting boards for horizontal and vertical lines allow the fabric to be placed on top with straight edges or special scales, and the cutting tools you follow the lines are made much easier and save a lot of marks, regardless of whether you are careful may lead to violations, reduce the accuracy and consistency of the cut.
  • Another important thing is the lines you use, try to avoid them too delicate to get high quality, strong and lint-free, which is better for your sewing machine and your patience, rethread your machine needle due to the breaking of thread all the time may be very frustrating.

These are the tips for you, not the rules. You can make the Log Cabin Quilt Pattern according to you.


Here is everything you need to know about the log cabin quilts


There is an amazing history behind the beautifully patterned log cabin quilts. In the history of American craftwork, log cabin quilts had a great role to play significantly because of their block patterns and geometrically shaped works. It has been seen that the center block is generally red or yellow which represents that there is the fire in the hearth. The lighter strands on one side of the center block represent sun shining in the eastern log and similarly, the darker strands indicate the shady side of the log cabin.

Log cabin quilt pattern has a lot to hide in itself which you may be unaware of. The color red in the central square indicates that it is gathering all the warmth around. It also signifies that there is love and warmth in the home. You can take any of the log cabin quilts and you will see that most of the times, the color of the central square is red. Buy log cabin quilts from the best quilt manufacturing company.

The light blocks and the dark blocks are separated from each other which create a pattern in itself. There are different designs created in the log cabin quilts which include barn raising, the streak of lightning, furrows and so on. Barn Raising is a pattern of log cabin quilt in which the concentric light and dark rows are created to form a diamond pattern.

The streak of lightning is a pattern in which blocks are placed in order to create a zig-zag pattern. Furrow is a pattern which is created by light and dark streaks making diagonal lines like fields of crops are patterned in here. Log cabin quilt patterns vary a lot but somewhat are based on a single or two geometrical pattern.

Log cabin quilts have evolved over the time and now squares and triangles are also used in the forming of the quilts. Buy amazing log cabin quilt from the best quilt manufacturers.

Here’s What Makes Quilt Making Services so Popular

Come winters and we seek rescue under the blankets, beneath the warmth of woolens and more such things that protects us from cold and keep us warm. Since ages we have been using blankets and quilts while sleeping for warmth and comfortable sleeping.

Traditional quilt making technique

From the very beginning quilts were made by elders in the family using traditional quilt making process. Quilt is a multiple layered padded fabric. Ideally a quit has three layers where a thick padded material is covered by cloth from above and from below. Now these three layers are stitched together to form a quilt. Hand sewing technique was traditionally used to make quilts.

Modern quilt making technique

2016-04-24_15-19-36_largeWith time quilt making has also undergone significant changes and become more interesting. The modifications that have taken place in quilt making are both in terms of techniques as well as in terms of its looks. The present age is more about the looks of the quilts. Unlike earlier times, the utility of quilts are not the only factor which is considered. The appearance of the quilts too has become an important aspect to consider for buying one.

Quilt making has in itself become a specialized service and this has made quilts as another product in the market. Therefore, a number of varied factors have been incorporated to make quilts and compete with other quilt making companies in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the changes which mark modern quilt making.

    Advanced sewing machines are used to make quilts.
    Innovative designs and patterns like Log Cabin Quilt Pattern are used to make exclusive quilts on customer request.

You would find many well-known companies which specialize in quilt making services, with special focus on Log Cabin Quilt.