A Guide to Creating the Beautiful Family Heirloom Long Cabin Quilt

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Though this is not necessary, working with the right tools will certainly help you make a more professional quilt, but sometimes it becomes difficult with the items in the sewing basket.

All the necessary tools, cutting boards, rulers and sewing machines, they are your main tool, but the sewing machine is not necessarily the best on the market as long as it can be directly sewn.

There are some tips to achieve a successful quilting experience which make a difference in making a simple blanket or a wonderful family heirloom long cabin quilt, which will save your time and money and will save you from the frustration.

  • With the right tools, such as rotary tools and cutting boards, you can cut precise steel bars and precise parts. Unless you are good, using scissors may be difficult. In addition, scissors tend to be quickly passivized, while blunts can replace the blades with cheap replacement blades when the rotating blade is passiv So, keeping your sewing scissors and subtle work they are most useful.
  • Also, diagonals for design and calibration, cutting boards for horizontal and vertical lines allow the fabric to be placed on top with straight edges or special scales, and the cutting tools you follow the lines are made much easier and save a lot of marks, regardless of whether you are careful may lead to violations, reduce the accuracy and consistency of the cut.
  • Another important thing is the lines you use, try to avoid them too delicate to get high quality, strong and lint-free, which is better for your sewing machine and your patience, rethread your machine needle due to the breaking of thread all the time may be very frustrating.

These are the tips for you, not the rules. You can make the Log Cabin Quilt Pattern according to you.


Here is everything you need to know about the log cabin quilts


There is an amazing history behind the beautifully patterned log cabin quilts. In the history of American craftwork, log cabin quilts had a great role to play significantly because of their block patterns and geometrically shaped works. It has been seen that the center block is generally red or yellow which represents that there is the fire in the hearth. The lighter strands on one side of the center block represent sun shining in the eastern log and similarly, the darker strands indicate the shady side of the log cabin.

Log cabin quilt pattern has a lot to hide in itself which you may be unaware of. The color red in the central square indicates that it is gathering all the warmth around. It also signifies that there is love and warmth in the home. You can take any of the log cabin quilts and you will see that most of the times, the color of the central square is red. Buy log cabin quilts from the best quilt manufacturing company.

The light blocks and the dark blocks are separated from each other which create a pattern in itself. There are different designs created in the log cabin quilts which include barn raising, the streak of lightning, furrows and so on. Barn Raising is a pattern of log cabin quilt in which the concentric light and dark rows are created to form a diamond pattern.

The streak of lightning is a pattern in which blocks are placed in order to create a zig-zag pattern. Furrow is a pattern which is created by light and dark streaks making diagonal lines like fields of crops are patterned in here. Log cabin quilt patterns vary a lot but somewhat are based on a single or two geometrical pattern.

Log cabin quilts have evolved over the time and now squares and triangles are also used in the forming of the quilts. Buy amazing log cabin quilt from the best quilt manufacturers.

Understanding Long Arm Quilting and its types


slide_6What is Longterm Quilting?

This is the procedure in which a longarm stitching machine is used to stitch together a quilt batting, quilt top and quilt backing into a completed quilt. Experts say that quilting by means of a longarm machine can take considerably less time than quilting using hand or more traditional machine quilting.

What are the various types of Long Arm Machine Quilting Services?

Mentioned below are some of the types of quilting services:

  • Edge to Edge: This is constant quilt design that covers the whole quilt edge to edge.
  • Quilt Designs and Pantos: This is often regarded as the most popular and traditional quilting designs as one can refer to the catalogue in order to choose the design of choice.
  • Custom Quilting: This allows the customers to choose specific designs, pantos, and motifs that will be quilted in the borders and blocks to improve the look of the quilt.
  • Semi-Custom – Edge to Edge: This comes with separate border and corner designs.
  • Heirloom: This is an adapted treatment for the quilt.  Detailed designs and motifs are quilted in blocks and borders.

Why should you choose a reputed website that deals with quilting services?

It is important that a reputed website is chosen that deals with quilting services. The reputed company usually offers a number of additional services to the clients which include the following:

  • Binding Preparation:  The binding strips are prepared by the company only and then  the quilt is  bind
  • Binding Sewn to Front of Quilt: It sews the binding by machine to the front of the quilt
  • Binding Finishing:  It sews the binding to the front and back of the quilt in case the customer wants to get the quilt finished by them.
  • Custom Pantos:  The company can create line designs and custom pantos to a digital file to use on the quilt.
  • Computer Printed Quilt Labels:  It can put together a lovely quilt label to sew into the quilt with Name of Quilt, Locations, Dates, Sentiments, Name of who it is for or from or anything that the customer would like to get it.

Located in Rochester, New York, all the quilting and quilt services of Feverishquilter.com are performed at this location. In case you are interested to get the Quilt Block Patterns; then you can get it either through Adobe PDF format or through word document.

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We welcome our clients to visit us personally and share their requirements with us; we also love to hear their feedbacks and continuously work towards improving our services. But we also request them to go through the Quilt Block Pattern Downloads at home so that they are good to go when they reach our studio, this saves their time. Scheduling appointments also help us to manage our work diligently and serve you better when you are here.

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Tips to Make Good Quality Quilt


Good quilt making is an art and there are various steps that are involved in making a good quilt. The various steps involved in the art of quilt making include piecing, making the borders of the quilt, making the back of the quilt, batting, making different quilting designs and making use of quality threads in order to make good quality quilts.

The process of piecing involves very good designs and the various steps of making good quilts are given below:

  • First of all you need to make sure that all the seams are properly pressed so that when these seams are laid down on a flat surface, then they do not have any folds or bunching.
  • Then you need to ensure that all the seams are properly sewed so that the seams are secured.
  • Make sure that all the lose threads that are there in the front as well as at the back of the quilt are properly clipped. The dark threads that are used are shadowed under the light colored fabrics.
  • It is not possible to quilt the tucks, the puckers and the fullness.
  • You also need to ensure that you remove all the pins.
  • In case if the top of the quilt is directional then it is very important to mark the top of the quilt with a safety pin.
  • You need to press the quilt from the front so that the quilt is not stretched or distorted.

There are a variety of available quilt designs from which you can make a quilt. A good quilt making company will have a catalog consisting of a number of quilt designs and Panto catalogue. So, if you choose from the catalogue of the quilt designs, you are not charged anything extra for it. One of the most popular patterns that are used in making these quilts is the edge to edge quilt designs. Here in these quilt designs the patterns are made from one edge of the quilt to the other, from the top of the quilt to the bottom of the quilt.

The machine quilting services should always be taken from a reputed company, in order to ensure that you get good quality quilts. Hiring the machine quilting services from a reputed company will also ensure that you are able to get the quilts at an affordable rate.