Sew and Bind the Most Beautiful Quilts for Your Family

2016-04-24_15-19-36_largeWhen it comes to sewing, knitting and quilting, it is not just a hobby for people today but has become a source of income. Yes, you can always buy a quilt online or from an offline store, but the joy of piecing together quilt from your own hand is something different altogether.

Why you need to look for quilting services?

Quilting requires patience and the skills to do it beautifully. However, just sewing together a quilt is not enough as there is binding to be done. For this purpose, you should always go for top quilting services in USA. They have the long arm quilting machines to finish your quilts properly and within a week.

There are companies which often take months to finish with the long arm quilting services. This is the reason why it is important to read up the testimonials of the customers to know how much time it will exactly take for a company to give you a completed quilt.

The pricing of each type of sewing and quilting services are always displayed on the website and can be asked directly from the owners as well.

Different types of quilting

While there are plenty of quilting patterns like flowers, geometric shapes, the basic types can be brought down to these three:

•    Pieced quilts: everyone has seen these types of quilts. Your basic quilt that is sewn with different types of blocks and then pressed together. These blocks are then sewn together to make larger rows and columns which result in your final quilt.

•    Paper pieced quilts: This is probably the simplest of all the quilting techniques as you can easily get the hang of it. Moreover, you can use old fabric scraps to make a paper pieced quilt. You just have to start by printing out various paper templates and then sewing it together.

•    English paper piecing: If you love those quaint and antique quilts then this quilting technique will be your favorite. The most popular shape in this quilting is the hexagon and the most popular pattern is of grandmother’s flower.

So, if you have tried making your own quilt and want to give it the perfect finish, go to a professional quilting company.


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